Tristan Timblin

Frontend Developer & Interaction Designer

Collaborative Makerspaces

Informational Wordpress site that I use analytic data to influence regular site edits, with the goal of increasing online signups.

Eat Your Fish

Custom Squarespace site using layouts inspired by Japanese cuisine. Bento box grids and 回転寿司 (en. rotation sushi) impacted the sashimi bar's online brand.

Launching an apartment complex.

Establishing a brand style for a new development under construction.

Branding a city

Help promote the growing city of Alexandria, VA as an ideal location for new businesses.

Finding Music

Give concert goers a quick preview of the acts they are about to see at Lollapalooza 2017.

Interaction Labs

A collection of both production and experimental frontend interactions, to easily browse through.

Enter Labs


Interested in working with me, or just wanna talk web, please feel free to reach out & connect.

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