Tristan Timblin, an interactive developer bringing meaningful animation to the web.

Play Along

Developer • Drexel

Quickly navigate space wreckage looking for treasure, a short game created in html canvas.

Learn The Road

Design/Develop • Drexel

Teach people about Waze's features, just as the app teaches you about the road ahead.

Grow Alexandria

Developer • Cohere

Help promote the growing city of Alexandria, VA as an ideal location for new businesses.

Find Music

Design/Develop • Drexel

Give concert goers a quick preview of the acts they are about to see at Lollapalooza 2017.

Animal Refuge

Developer • Drexel University

eCommerce solutions for a local nonprofit.

Interaction Labs

A collection of both production and experimental frontend interactions, to easily browse through.

Enter Labs

Code Snippets

Small and unique code solutions to various problems I’ve come across in my projects.

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Interested in working with me, or just wanna talk web, please feel free to reach out & connect.

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