When looking around at your favorite sites for design inspiration, specific informations can be valuable when beginning your own work. Picking up a color scheme or getting a peak under the hood at the technologies that made it possible, can be crucial to starting off right. Here are some of the tools I use to getting that information quickly and outside of scanning through code.

Color Picker


Easily grab colors from anywhere in your browser at the click of a button. Whether your grabbing a color from your own design, building a color pallete from a picture, or β€œs t e a l i n g” colors from anoter site.



Mouse over any text to see the typeface (+fallbacks), and its sizings.



At a glance see the site platform in the top corner of your screen. Clicking that icon brings a dropdown list of all other site resources. It’s amazing how much this thing picks up, and they all link out to more information on that resource.